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Cloud Security

Moving to the cloud can be a secure and cost effective idea.  However, taking the time to evaluate organizational needs and readiness is a step that many organizations miss. IPS offers to review your data sensitivity to determine what control capabilities an organization should keep (a factor that plays into IaaS, PaaS and SaaS); reviewing the contract to ensure the cloud vendor is legally meeting expected compliance standards and organizational needs; and data transition to assist the organization in secure data uploads. 

As a continued service IPS will audit the cloud system and report any changes or added risk to the Authorizing Official. 

Cyber Risk Mitigation

Risk tolerance is a term that many system owners hear, but what does it actually mean and how is it defined? IPS uses proprietary calculations to measure organizational risk tolerance. Afterwards, we use this customize metric to determine with systems fall within the organizational risk threshold. For systems that are out of compliance or nearly out of compliance, we provide mitigation steps to bring these systems back in-line. This service is metric based and driven by scientific methods of data collecting, statics, and data analytics.

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Industrial Control System Security

City-wide electric grids, Water Plants, Telecom wires, etc, lay the foundation of our modern society. These physical necessities are often taken for granted and are assumed to function with no real effort. This is far from the truth. More and more these systems are connecting to IoT environments for convenience and monitoring. Connecting these legacy systems to modern environments create an on slot of problems and vulnerabilities. IPS will detect, assess and report these vulnerabilities; and provide mitigation steps.

Security Authorization

Internal audits to third party assessments, the IPS Security Authorization service supports the complete life-cycle of every step in the NIST Risk Management Framework. Our Security Packages (including the Security Assessment Report, Risk Threat Matrix, Risk Assessment, and POA&M spreadsheet) are held to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. The actionable information provided in our report is rich and accurate, giving the Authorizing Official a wide breath of information while taking a deep dive into organizational risk, vulnerabilities and threats.

Abstract background at Information Protection Solutions