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Information Protection Solutions has a wide range of capabilities. Been there, done that.

CI/CD DevSecOps

Control gates within the CI/CD DevSecOps pipeline must be hardened to ensure secure code delivery of software traversing from Development Environments to Operational Environments. Through stakeholder engagement, IPS has expert knowledge in strategically instituting customized Cybersecurity solutions, to implement the 6 pillars of DevSecOps with sustainable and repeatable governance processes to effectively secure your organizational CI/CD DevSecOps pipeline.

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DevSecOps at Information Protection Solutions

SecureAI Cybersecurity

Mitigating “Adversarial AI” from ingesting into AI/ML applications is of vital importance to ensure algorithmic models perform as intended. IPS delivers a strategic Secure-AI Cybersecurity governance framework approach with customized sustainable and repeatable processes, with implemented supply chain risk management methodologies to maintain the secure posture of your AI/ML intelligent applications and systems.

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Secure Artificial Intelligence at Information Protection Solutions

Configuration Management

Configuration management is a foundational component of application and system development. IPS executes effective configuration monitoring through our robust control of processes for baseline initializing, changing, and monitoring of secure configuration development of your applications and systems.

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Configuration monitoring process at Information Protection Solutions

RMF Implementation

The Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) requires Federal Organizations to produce key security and guidelines to securely develop, implement and maintain organization-wide, risk-based security and privacy programs. IPS integrates cybersecurity best practices to properly assess, frame, respond, and monitor risks to mitigate and remediate system weaknesses discovered in your system environments, through our effective Continuous Monitoring strategy incorporating a Risk Management Lifecycle, while aiding in moving your systems towards Ongoing Authorization.

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Secure systems development life cycle at Information Protection Solutions

Our Mission

Mitigating the risk of cyber-attack through innovative compliance solutions.

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Security analysis at Information Protection Solutions

About Us

Information Protection Solutions (IPS) provides strategic cyber security consulting, geared to strengthen the “Information Security Posture” of our client-base cyber security program, with defense-in-depth solutions.


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